P. Michael O'Sullivan (1940 - 2004)

O'Sullivan was a freelance photographer best remembered for his sympathetic documentation of the Irish Republican Army (IRA). After serving in the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne from 1960 to 1964, he worked in New York City as a photojournalist for Life and Business Week magazines.During the late 1960s, O'Sullivan made a name for himself taking pictures of the 1967 Detroit riot, as well as the riots outside the Chicago Democratic National Convention in 1968, as well as the violence that followed Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination. Widely acknowledged for his fearlessness in the face of dangerous situations, he then traveled to Northern Ireland to document the clashes between Catholics and Protestants.

Patriot Graves, Resistance in Ireland
Patriot Graves, Resistance in Ireland

Patriot Graves, Resistance in Ireland

- Follett Publishing Co., Chicago. 1972
- Hardbound DJ

Condition: Dustjacket: some rubbings, several nicks along edges