Axel Munthe (1857 - 1949)

Axel Munthe was a Swedish physician, psychiatrist, and writer whose best-known work is the autobiography The Story of San Michele (1929, Boken om San Michele). It is an account of Munthe's experience as a doctor in Paris and Rome, and in semi-retirement at the villa of San Michele on the island of Capri (Italy). Both realistic and mystical, the book achieved an immense popularity and has been translated into a number of languages.

Cerveny Kriz a Zelezny Kriz
Cerveny Kriz a Zelezny Kriz

Cerveny Kriz a Zelezny Kriz

- Dobre Knihy, Prague. 1934
- Cover and title page by Toyen
- Soft cover, unbound pages

Privately printed in an edition of 500

Condition: Covers soiled; edges worn; small tears top and bottom of spine