GEORGE R. HOXIE (1907-1984)
George Richmond Hoxie came to Oxford, OH in 1931 as one of the early faculty members of Miami University's School of Fine Arts. He taught design and watercolor for 12 years. In 1943, Hoxie became World War II Animation Director of the Training Film Production Laboratory at Wright Field near Dayton, OH. Before opening his photography studio in 1948, George Hoxie also taught evening classes at the University of Cincinnati, was editor of Minicam Photography magazine (later Modern Photography), was photographic editor of The Midwest Fisherman magazine (later The Fisherman) and began editing the Ohio Photographer.

Hoxie had a Master of Photography degree in the Professional Photographers of America, was a fellow of the Photographic Society of America, was a former director of the Ohio Professional Photographers Association, and had been active in the Professional Photographers Association of Ohio. Hoxie lectured on photography and photo-judging throughout the United States. His photographs have been published in numerous magazines, including The New Yorker, Charm, Farm Quarterly, The Art Digest, Architectural Forum, and The New York Times. George Hoxie also made appearances on "Art Linkletter's Houseparty," "What's My Line?" and in the TV series "Danger." Basil Rathbone, Bennet Cerf, Robert Frost, Dali, Maurice Tabard and others all sat for Hoxie.



Vintage gelatin bromide print

13.5 x 10.5 in. mounted on 20 x 16 in. period board

Signed & titled board recto, under image; numerous exhibit labels, board verso, with inscription: exhibited 20 times