Ladislav Sutnar (1897 - 1976)
Born in present-day Czech Republic, Ladislav Sutnar was an influential graphic designer who laid the groundwork for modern information graphics through designs inspired by the avant-garde visual languages of Constructivism and the German Bauhaus school of design. Sutnar was a key figure in the modernist art and design circles in Prague between World War I and II. While in Prague he served as a professor and director at the State School of Graphic Arts, and was also an art editor at Cooperative Works, a publishing house where he designed book jackets, utilizing photomontage and asymmetrical typography. Sutnar applied his avant-garde sensibilities to other projects as well, designing magazines, exhibitions, glassware, porcelain, textiles, and toys.

Cesko-Slovenska Armada
Cesko-Slovenska Armada

Cesko-Slovenska Armada

- Ministerstvo národní obrany v nakladatelství Svazu cs. dustojnictva "VOK", Prague. 1938
- Book design by Ladislav Sutnar
- Soft cover

Condition: Edges slightly worn